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    Mini Square (x 30)
    €31.50 EUR
    Maxi Square (x 30)
    €43.50 EUR
    Tall Square (x 30)
    €39.00 EUR
    Maxi Circular (x 30)
    €51.00 EUR
    Mini Portobox (x 36)
    Regular price €27.00 EUR
    Tall Portobox (x 36)
    Regular price €32.40 EUR
    Tall Hatbox Mixed (x 24)
    €36.00 EUR Regular price €48.00 EUR
    Maxi Hatbox (x 24)
    €36.00 EUR Regular price €48.00 EUR
    Corsage Midi (x 40)
    €26.80 EUR Regular price €36.00 EUR
    Letterbox (x 36)
    Regular price €55.80 EUR
    Petite (x 36)
    Regular price €28.80 EUR


    The florist's originality, flair and creativity are enhanced with the option of style, form, size and colour.
    Floralbox adds greatly to the asthetic appeal and perceived value of the bouquet to the customer.

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    Testimonials from our customers

    “Best move we ever made. The range is fantastic and so much better than the boxes we used to use.”

    Flowerbug, Liverpool

    “Since using Floralbox we have lessened our use of cellophane by 90%. We always use them here at Paradise Blooms, Bantry”

    Paradise Blooms, Bantry

    “Loving our new product! Thanks again for the amazing service! Defo recommend”

    Fijeblooms, Aberdeenshire

    “Makes life as a florist so much easier and quicker at peaks using your boxes”

    Flowers by Judy , Devon

    “These are my favourite boxes. They make my bouquets look classy and more expensive. Also you can leave the stems longer making them look taller and more amazing! Absolutely love them.”

    Flowers by Leigh, Halifax

    “I love how your boxes enhance the design of the bouquet.”

    Flowers by Lou Lou, Nottingham

    “Incredible company to deal with.Great quality products and service”

    Precious Petals , Dublin

    “I love these boxes, so much easier and better looking then porto boxes.”

    Elegant Flowers , Sacriston

    “Using Floralbox will change how you work for the better....so much easier!”

    Flowerbug, Liverpool

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