Floralbox Premium Packaging

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Premium Packaging for the Floral Industry

Exciting news for the floral industry in North America

The alternative to glassware has arrived!

  • Our box vases provide florists with a great alternative to traditional glassware.
  • They are lined to hold water just like a vase.
  • They don't shatter like glass, so are safer for you and your customers.
  • No extra delivery box or packaging is required, so they are far more cost-effective than glassware.
  • The box prevents light getting to the water, thereby reducing bacterial growth, so your flowers last longer.
  • They are ideal for gift and presentation bouquets.
  • Perfect for transporting and presenting bridal bouquets.
  • The box and liner are recyclable.

For 14 years, florists in the UK and Europe have used our lined boxes for their bouquets. Thousands of flower shops now use our box vases to beautifully wrap, safely transport and elegantly present their bouquets and millions of homes happily display their bouquets in Floralbox.

As a sign of our commitment to the floral industry in America:

  • Made in America.
  • Supporting the local economy.
  • Reduced shipping times and costs from US based warehouse facility.
  • Reduced carbon footprint compared to glassware.

Our innovative box vases are now available to floral designers in the USA and Canada.

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