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    Delivery by Floralfair is carried out by an appointed distributor and takes approximately two days to be delivered throughout Ireland and the UK. Deliveries to Europe and Canada can take up to 5 days.

    Floralfair guarantee that every order delivered personally from our shop will be of good quality in good condition and to the full value as specified by the customer. Any complaint or dissatisfaction must be notified to us as soon as possible after delivery and within 24 hours as it is our policy to replace the item with another of equal value should this be required.

    For Complaints regarding delivery, you must contact us immediately if you have any complaint or dissatisfaction as soon as possible after the delivery. We will initiate a query/complaint with the relevant distributor or head office where necessary.

    All items shown on our website indicate a colour which may not be exactly the same as what you receive.

    Any special delivery information such as specific delivery times or specific delivery days in which the customer expects our delivery company to deliver product should be outlined clearly on the order page. Otherwise delivery will be made at the convenience of the delivery agent.

    Delivery Terms

    Floralfair will deliver Monday to Friday. Saturday delivery is possible but there is a surcharge.

    Delivery Charges

    For Ireland and the UK, delivery is included in the prices quoted. No extra costs regarding delivery should be incurred other than the product cost quoted in the invoice when ordering. There may be some exceptions to this where an order is below the minimum order and delivery costs have to be applied in order to justify the quantity ordered or in a situation where the product has been delivered to a wrong address. This may occur where the customer has not given accurate address details or due to misinformation on behalf of the customer.

    Shipping costs in Canada and Europe are extra and depend on both the size of the order and customer location. These will be calculated and applied to your order before you pay. There should be no additional charges to be paid upon receipt of your order.
    If an incorrect address is supplied by you the customer you will be contacted immediately so that we can re-direct the delivery (A delivery charge(s) may be incurred in this situation).

    Special Instructions

    Any special instructions to prevent delivery problems or that could help with the safe delivery of your item should be noted in the Delivery Notes box when you complete your order online.

    Returns Policy

    Floralfair guarantee that each order delivered personally will be of good quality, condition and to the full value as specified by the customer. Any complaint must be notified to us as soon as possible. It is our policy to replace the item with another of equal value should this be required. The item that requires replacement must be returned or it will not be replaced. We must inspect the returned item to assess the complaint/dissatisfaction. We may at this stage contact the customer with our findings.

    Change/Cancel/Refund an Order

    We will change or cancel an order as long as it has not been dispatched by our delivery company and refund you in full. Where a transaction has been processed and paid for, we will give you credit for the full amount against and future orders. You must contact us directly on 00 353 (0)91 635191 or 00 353 (0)87 1209069 and speak to one of the Floralfair Team.

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